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Argus Carriers is a name you can trust, with a history of over 75 years as a highly personalized delivery service. We have a strong commitment to efficiency and a track record of exceptional attention to detail.

Our History


C.G. (Gerry) Royston returned to Vancouver with his pregnant bride, Rose, after the Second World War. Gerry took out a small loan to purchase his first truck. He made his first delivery for a woman leaving the J.R. Spencer department store, transporting her parcels to her home for 20 cents. Within a matter of months, the fleet expanded to 3 trucks, and Gerry hired his first employee, Clifford Pybus. They kept busy delivering papers for local printers. Gerry partnered with the proprietor of another small delivery firm named Lloyd Shillingford.


Royston incorporates the company and Argus Carriers Ltd. is born. Delivering mainly small parcels, the company optimized their routes by developing a central sorting procedure.  Initially, the trucks assembled in the parking lot of Safeway on West Broadway. Further efficiencies were achieved when the company leased a shop on Nelson St downtown. The main floor served as the dispatch and sorting center while the basement served as a parking garage for other downtown workers, helping to offset the rent.


Argus moves into a new sorting terminal designed for their purposes on East 7th Avenue. Argus Carriers occupied the main floor, and sublet the lower floor to a flower delivery service called A.G. Dellow, an arrangement that would prove to be instrumental in later years.


Gerry Royston had become the sole shareholder, but faced an economic recession and increased competition. An employee at A.G. Dellow named Rey Neufeld noticed the challenges were taking a toll on Gerry, and offered to buy the company. Satisfied with the trusted continuation of the brand and the financial terms, Royston sold the firm to Neufeld. Neufeld took on Argus’ 16 trucks and a small employee group. He developed a method for determining when the trucks ought to be replaced according to their condition, km reading, and age; this method is still used today.


Rey’s son Rod had already been working on the business on weekends while in high school, and after graduating soon progressed from driver to sales and operations manager.


The company obtains a Motor Carrier License for regions beyond Vancouver, throughout the Fraser Valley, and expands the size of their terminal.


A conveyor belt system is installed in the terminal to move parcels between floors, and a forklift is purchased to load trucks more efficiently.


Rey hires his first salesperson and new accounts are obtained. Large freight deliveries begin, necessitating 3 and 5 tonne trucks. Macroeconomic conditions in ‘83 and ‘84 presented the company with a tough choice; pay had to decrease by 5%, or benefits had to be reduced by 50%. Rey left it up to a vote, and the drivers opted for the 5% decrease.


Rey’s son Rod purchases 20% of Argus Carriers Ltd. shares. The company had secured itself in the public mind as a trusted service provider, well-respected in the community.


Argus’ expands and optimizes their service to Vancouver Island, obtaining a Motor Carrier License there, hiring local employees, and renting warehouse space in Victoria.


Argus moves to a larger terminal on Myrtle St, which came equipped with loading docks, larger offices, and a mechanic’s bay. Moving costs and higher rent affected the bottom line that year, but the stage was set for further growth.


Argus converts from a manual accounting system to a computerized one. Billing, payroll, payables, and other financials were now managed via four networked computers operating on a SuperDOS platform.


Argus becomes the distributor for a variety of Canadian businesses, including a domestic nation-wide carrier and a sporting goods retail supplier, who were also tenants of the Argus warehouse. An Ontario based trucking company approached Argus to deliver their freight in the Lower Mainland. The fleet expanded and the firm purchased their first tractors and trailers.


Rod purchases another 22% shareholding.


Argus Carriers Ltd. partners with a US-based regional LTL carrier and cross-border operations are made possible. Requiring more space, the company rents an adjacent warehouse, while continuing to sublet to their domestic carrier tenant to offset the cost. More trucks, tractors, and trailers are acquired. Operating hours move to a 24/6 schedule with three shifts/day.


Rod and his wife Joanne become full owners of Argus Carriers Ltd. and Rey retires. The company now has 50 employees, 35 trucks, and $4 million in sales. A new terminal is rented in Nanaimo so that the North Island can be serviced in-house.


The Myrtle St terminal expands after the landlord purchases an adjoining building, allowing for more trailer parking space. The Victoria terminal moves to a better location.


Argus performs daily runs for a mid-sized North American carrier, which is subsequently purchased by the largest LTL carrier in the US, with whom Argus had previously done business via their domestic carrier tenant. Hence, Argus builds on a solid foundation with the LTL giant, and retains them as a client throughout Vancouver.


The company opens a terminal in Kelowna. Mic dispatch technology is implemented in the Kelowna and Island terminals.


The Victoria terminal expands. Nextel mic dispatch begins at the mainland terminal. Argus has 110 employees and 10 owner operators. The firm owns over 50 trucks, 24 trailers, and achieves sales of over 12 million.


Jamil Murji and his investment group acquires Argus Carriers from the Neufelds, guaranteeing to honor the reputation the company had by keeping the solid foundation of efficient processes and exceptional safety standards intact.


One year after the ownership transition, Argus has 100 trucks on the road between both Argus Carriers and their local service partner.


Alberta-based Mullen Group, a Canadian transportation and oil services company, purchases Argus and Inter-Urban. “These businesses have a long-standing history of providing a quality trucking/logistics service in the Province of British Columbia, a tradition we intend to continue to build upon,”  Mullen CEO Murray Mullen said in a statement.


Argus Solutions is created in a concentrated effort to better service the full range of needs from their diverse set of clients over an expanded network.

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